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His Mission

Tim Omotoso’s  mission is to turn the hearts of men back to God. He has a Prophetic and Apostolic call and has been in ministry for over 40 years. Tim Omotoso is God’s special vessel for this end time and has been graced with authority in God’s word. God has highly anointed him to preach the gospel in His demonstrative power, with creative miracles, signs and wonders.  He ministers the Word of God with deep revelation and wisdom and is mightily used in prayer.  He believes in a complete circuit of ministry- Music, the Word, signs and wonders.


He was taught by the Lord to play the piano, the guitar, drums and other musical instruments before the age of 10.  Today he is a gifted and astonishing musician, to the Glory of God. Despite all of these wonderful abilities and experiences he remains a very humble man who is extremely focused in walking the narrow way for Christ Jesus. As a man with outstanding musical talent and exposure, he frequently composes songs, and has raised a variety of music groups including Hosanna Voices, Mercy Voices, Grace Galaxy and Simply Chrysolite. He believes that divinely inspired music helps to create a solid atmosphere for the move of God. He is proficient on the Keyboard, guitar and many other instruments. His words of wisdom (WOW) are another mark of the Prophetic ministry of Tim Omotoso. Such WOW include  “God has not comforted you to be comfortable, but to be a comforter, living in conformity with Biblical comfort”, ”Deceit will give you a negative receipt”, “We become weak for the weak so we can gain the weak on a weekly basis” and many more.

His Ministry

Tim Omotoso believes, in line with the scripture, that the widows, orphans and fatherless unit is an integral part of every viable Christian on earth. An arm of his ministry is called Help the Helpless (HTH). The itinerant arm of his ministry functions under Tim Omotoso Global Outreach (T.O.G.O). T.O.G.O airs a weekly programme on various TV stations including Inspiration, 1 Gospel, Soweto TV, METV, and WHT in the United States. The programme is titled “Just as I am". Testimonies of restoration and healing abound from viewers of the TV programme. Tim Omotoso is also the senior pastor of Jesus Dominion International which has branches in the UK, France and across South Africa. In 2013 Tim Omotoso launched a 24 hour Satellite TV station, ADBN ( Ancient of Days Broadcasting Network). ADBN broadcasts various programmes all inspired and geared towards building a house for God in the hearts of men. ADBN features wheel of miracles, the word made flesh, cantata of Church music, 'Just as I am,' Youthful to be Useful, Prayer Bonanza, Documentaries and many many more. ADBN can be viewed across Africa, Europe, Mexico, The Caribbean, United States and Canada. Tim Omotoso, who is currently based in South Africa, has a strong pull to the youth and initiated a youth project in South Africa called “Youth Empowerment Project” (YEP) under YEP he has mentored a number of music groups including “Simply Chrysolite” who have been inspired and guided by him to compose their own songs and produced two albums to date. Rev. Omotoso provides them with guidance through the word of God plus training, exposure, and discipline by virtue of his vast musical experience and exposure.

Tim Omotoso hosts both national and International meetings every month. These include- House of Jacob, Holy Ghost Clinic and an Annual Holy Ghost week. These are inter denominational meetings and aimed at rebuilding people's broken wall of faith and exposing the power and wisdom of God. Tim Omotoso states that we have heard and are still hearing the word of God; it's time now to reveal God of the word As a result of these meetings there are numerous healing with medical evidence to support the claims- Debts miraculously cancelled, The deaf and Dumb completely healed, lames walking, cancer disappearing, Lives restored, creative miracles with missing body parts miraculously appearing , the blind see and much more. Tim Omotoso hosts an annual Holy Land Tour and has published a book titled "How to enjoy health, wealth and longevity", and a prayer book titled “Prayer Bonanza”.  He also publishes a daily devotional book yearly.


He is happily married to Taiwo and they are blessed with three Children, Victoria, John and Victor.